Marco Brunicardi: A Trustworthy Residential Real Estate Investor on Terms

Marco Brunicardi

“I strongly focus on the needs, understand the goals, and address the expectations of my sellers and buyers to craft the ideal transaction”

Disrupting conventional real estate, competing with the establishments, designing advanced transactions where fairness and benefits to homeowners and buyers are the real priority,

I don’t mind being called a real estate market disruptor. Many successful ideas, businesses, innovations were all a threat to the establishment and ended up turning it upside down, because doing things differently can pay off handsomely; then everybody else follows, and the benefits diminish. Don’t be left behind! Explore my approach!

When it comes to residential real estate investing, one name that stands out is Marco Brunicardi. With decades of experience and a proven track record, Marco has established himself as a trustworthy investor who specializes in buying and selling properties on terms.

Understanding Residential Real Estate Investing on Terms

Investing in residential real estate on terms refers to purchasing properties using alternative marketing channels and financing options rather than the traditional, one-size-fits-all marketing solutions and conventional bank loans. This approach allows investors like Marco Brunicardi to acquire properties at full market value in a simpler transaction timeline. By utilizing creative strategies such as lease options, seller financing, wraps, subject-to deals and many other techniques as allowed and encouraged by real estate law and the markets, Marco has successfully built a portfolio of residential properties while helping homeowners in challenging situations turn them around into unexpected profit for the seller.

Why Choose Marco Brunicardi as Your Residential Real Estate Investor?

1. Extensive Experience: With decades of experience in various sectors of the real estate industry in many different markets, Marco Brunicardi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every transaction. He understands the complexities of buying properties on terms and knows how to navigate potential challenges.

2. Ethical Approach: Marco is committed to conducting business with the utmost integrity and transparency. He believes in win-win solutions and strives to create mutually beneficial agreements with homeowners. His ethical approach has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy investor.

3. Tailored Solutions: Marco Brunicardi understands that every homeowner’s situation is unique. Whether someone is looking to sell their property quickly and/or maximize profits, Marco offers personalized solutions that meet their specific needs. He takes the time to listen and understand each homeowner’s circumstances before crafting a tailored offer utilizing the many tools that real estate offers within or outside of mainstream conventional transactions, overcoming the challenges of the inflexible approach that most deals are based upon.

4. Quick and Hassle-Free Transactions: One of the advantages of working with Marco is the speed at which he can close deals. As an experienced investor, he has streamlined his processes to ensure quick and hassle-free transactions. This allows homeowners to sell their properties without the typical delays, complications, and contingencies associated with traditional sales.

5. Long-Term Relationships: Marco Brunicardi believes in building long-term relationships with homeowners and investors alike. He aims to create a positive experience for everyone involved in the transaction, fostering trust and loyalty. His commitment to maintaining relationships has resulted in repeat business and referrals.

6. Communication: Marco believes in keeping everyone involved in a deal in the loop; informing and staying informed makes deals happen profitably and quickly, without misunderstandings or surprises that nobody wants in the closing of real estate deals.

7. Flexibility: Marco leverages expertise to craft the best possible deal for a property and situation, but any detail that may impact a deal in the making can be better addressed with more tools and solutions available. For that purpose, an extensive knowledge and awareness of real estate law, investing techniques, local market specifics, and marketing tools provides the means to take the deal to completion in whatever circumstances and however they may change before closing.

Guiding your success in real estate

There’s always the best way, but they don’t always tell you which way is really the best for you, and maybe you’ll never find out. I spend a lot of time thinking about Real Estate, let me fill you in!

My Focus

I’m based in New England, which is where most of our deals happen, but I like to invest in homes all over the country. Some states are better than others, but it’s all about correctly assessing risks, potential for profit and reading the market. So, the same basic rules apply everywhere.

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Single Family Home

Nashua, NH

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Single Family Home

Atlanta, GA

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Single Family Home

Ratliff City, OK

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Ivan Lawrence

Muldrow, OK

Partnerships and collaborative deals are what I always aim for:

  • Investors who need my expertise in one or more aspects of a deal
  • Agents & Brokers who are looking for more streams of income, buyers for their listings or listings to sell
  • Homeowners who want to:
    • Sell for more
    • Sell more quickly
    • Avoid contingencies
    • Need cash fast
    • Want to Sell As-Is
    • Need Tax Planning
    • and more…
  • Home Buyers who can’t qualify for a mortgage yet
  • Divorcees waiting to settle
  • Homeowners with loan payments getting too heavy
  • Renters who don’t want to rent anymore
  • Home Buyers who want to avoid high interest rate mortgage
  • Homeowners who need help navigate through the process of Selling
  • and many more…
Most homeowners rely on mainstream operators and basic information and never really know all the options available. Due to the limited training of many professionals, they are not even told what alternative, improved options there may be. We always prioritize our efforts toward making home owners and home buyers aware of the existence of different methods of buying and selling that would probably fit their situation better. Multiple options allow for tailored deals that can suit an individual situation better than a one-size-fits-all conventional transaction. Explore with me to find out what might work for you; it doesn’t require commitment but could open eyes on options never thought of.


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